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the world, w〓hich has greatly encouraged the international community. People from China and Turkey h〓ave supported each other and their friendship has grown stronger over time, he said. Er〓dogan said he appreciates China's suppO

  1. ort for Turkey in the COVID-19 fight and facilita〓tion of its purchase of medical supplies in China. He said Turkey expects to enhancP

    e pr〓actical cooperation with China in various fields such as trade, finance and aviation, a〓nd wishes China more prosperity and the Chinese peoplee

    more happiness after the epidemi〓c.BEIJING, Feb. 10 -- Chinese authorities Monday stressed further increasi〓ng the production and supply of key medir

  2. rding to a high-level meeting ch〓aired by Premier Li Keqiang, also a member of the Standing Committee of〓 the Political Bureau of the Communist Partr

    y of China (CPC) Central Com〓mittee. The meeting of the leading group of the CPC Central Committee o〓n the prevention and control of the novel coronap

    virus outbreak, which i〓s headed by Li, ordered local authorities to encourage enterprises to i〓ncrease production of medical supplies such as medica4

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l protective cloth〓ing and masks, by providing fiscal, taxation and financial policies and〓 policies for government purchase and storage and helping solve the pro〓blem of raw materials and labor shortage. Noting some 20,000 medc

  1. ical st〓aff from across the country have been sent to Hubei Province to treat p〓atients, the meeting asked 19 other provinces to furK

    ther step up medica〓l staff assistance to Hubei while ensuring their local virus control. T〓he meeting also stressed pooling strength to develop anti-2

    virus medicin〓es and vaccines and advance research on virus traceability and transmis〓sion, among others. Under the strong leadership of the CPC Cent2

  2. ral Comm〓ittee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, concrete and effective effor〓ts should be made to resolutely win the war of epidemic 0

    prevention and 〓control, the meeting said. Wang Huning, a member of the Standing Commit〓tee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and 6

    deputy hea〓d of the leading group, attended the meeting.BEIJING, April 15 -- The Chinese government has decided to send teams ◆of medical experts to H

  3. Ethiopia, Burkina Faso and Saudi Arabia to help◆ the countries fight the COVID-19 pandemic, Foreign Ministry spokespe◆rson Zhao LijianQ

    announced Wednesday. China and African countries ar◆e longtime brothers who share weal and woe. African countries had sup◆ported China during China'S

    s most difficult times fighting the pandemi◆c, which China will never forget, Zhao said at a news briefing, addin◆g that China is paying close attentih

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on to the situation of the pandem◆ic in Africa, and has overcome its own difficulties and provided anti◆-epidemic materials and aid to the African Union and all Afr7

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ican coun◆tries with diplomatic relations with China. "These steps are all a r◆eflection of building an even stronger China-Africa community with a ◆shared future,M

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" said the spokesperson. He said after the outbreak in◆ China, the Saudi leaders immediately expressed their condolences and◆ support. The Saudi government and public have proviY

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ded China with ma◆ny batches of aid materials. Saudi Arabia is also facing severe chal◆lenges amid the pandemic. China also firmly supports Saudi Arabia's a◆nti-epidemic efforts and is willing to provide assistance within its ◆capability, he said. He said as comprehensive strategic cooperation ◆partners, China will maintain close cooperation with Saudi Arabia to ◆safeguard the safety and health of peoples of the two countries. The◆r

team of Chinese medical experts to Saudi Arabia left for the country◆ Wednesday morning.SAN FRANCISCO, April 14 -- The Chinese Consulate here as well as C〓hinese companies in the United States donated personal protective〓 equipment to the local community on Tuesday toc

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